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Southeast Asia to Witness Travel Surge from India - News

Southeast Asia to Witness Travel Surge from India

Southeast Asia to Witness Travel Surge from India

Airlines in India are increasing flights to Southeast Asia as visa rules ease and new air agreements are signed with New Delhi. India and Thailand finalized an agreement to boost flight capacity by 14,000 seats per week, a 43 percent increase. This expansion comes ahead of the summer travel season, allowing airlines to enhance services between the two nations. 

The agreement also includes reallocating flying rights to other Indian carriers, enabling more flights to destinations like Bangkok, Phuket, and Singapore. Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, have relaxed visa rules for Indians, resulting in a travel surge to these destinations. 

Thailand has seen a rise in Indian arrivals since offering visa exemptions, with plans to extend the exemption period due to high demand. As India’s outbound travel grows, Southeast Asian countries are making efforts to attract more visitors. Airlines like AirAsia Aviation Group Ltd and Air India Ltd have increased flights, connecting the country to Southeast Asian cities like Kuala Lumpur and Phuket, reflecting the region’s appeal to Indian travellers.