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India Gears Up for First-Ever Bharat Mobility Expo - News

India Gears Up for First-Ever Bharat Mobility Expo

India Gears Up for First-Ever Bharat Mobility Expo

Bharat Mobility Global Expo is scheduled to debut from February 1-3, 2024, at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi. The event features dedicated exhibitions on electric vehicles (EV), hybrid vehicles, and alternative energy sources and is supported by major industry associations such as SIAM, ACMA, ATMA, SMEV, and NASSCOM.  

Exhibitions include ACMA Automechanika, auto shows, tire exhibitions, and demonstrations of the latest EVs, urban mobility solutions, batteries, and charging stations.

With India ranking among the top 5 global economies, the expo aims to showcase the country‚Äôs booming automotive industry, emphasizing significant growth in two-wheelers and passenger vehicles. Bolstered by Government initiatives like PLI and FAME subsidies, the EV sector has grown, contributing to the sustainable transport ecosystem.  

India is inching towards creating a green ecosystem and reducing dependency on fossil fuels for sustainable transportation and logistics as the sector progresses. Other highlights of the expo include informative sessions, workshops, conferences, and various engagements, nurturing partnerships between B2B, G2G, and B2C entities.