Hyderabad has witnessed a positive trend in #hiring. The city’s Naukri JobSpeak Index was 4,097 in April 2022, a 32 percent increase from the same month the previous year. While the February index was the highest in the last year for Hyderabad, at 4,329, the months of March and April also had indexes of 4,118 and 4,097. According to the Index, #hiring intent across various sectors witnessed triple-digit growth, with travel and #hospitality leading the way.
Hiring activity in India improved by 38 percent year-on-year, with a hiring index of 2,863 at the start of the new financial year. #Travel and Hospitality (169 percent) and Retail (112 percent) experienced triple-digit year-on-year growth rates during the pandemic. Real estate, Insurance, and Banking experienced over 80 percent growth rates, while Pharma and IT-software witnessed growth rates of 27 percent and 21 percent, respectively.
Demand for professionals across all experience levels remained stable in April 2022, with freshers (0-3 years) experiencing the greatest growth (52 percent year-on-year). Hiring activity increased during the month for those experienced with 4-7 years at 37 percent, 8-12 years at 24 percent, 13-16 years at 37 percent, and over 16 years at 33 percent.