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Empowering Women in Manufacturing Sector - News

Empowering Women in Manufacturing Sector

Empowering Women in Manufacturing Sector

India needs to increase the number of women working in manufacturing, if it is to meet its ambitious economic goal of reaching US$ 7 trillion by 2030. The World Bank estimates a potential 1 percent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth if India’s female labor force participation rises from the current 25 percent to 50 percent. 

Despite challenges, leading industrial firms are making strides in this direction, recognizing the benefits of diversity and innovation. Efforts to integrate more women into the workforce are gaining traction, with a gradual rise seen in traditionally male-dominated sectors. This shift not only brings diverse perspectives but also fosters a more balanced and dynamic organizational culture, essential for sustainable growth. 

Recent reports suggest that several MNCs are hiring women on factory floors and leading product manufacturing in India, where the majority of the female workforce is in the unorganized sector. From Apple Inc’s India factory ecosystem to JSW Steel Ltd’s gender-diverse workforce, the trend reflects a broader shift towards inclusivity and equal opportunities. 
The central and state governments are also stepping in with support programs and incentives, aiming to bridge the gender gap and create a more resilient manufacturing framework.