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Curtain Raiser: FTCCI ETM Conclave 2024

With transformative initiatives that can reshape and empower the travel and tourism sector, the FTCCI Experiential Tourism MICE Conclave - ETM Conclave 2024 is all set to take place at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre from July 29-30, 2024. Organized by the Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce & Industry - FTCCI, the event promises to be a hub of opportunities and a conducive platform for exchanging ideas. 

The FTCCI Experiential Tourism MICE - ETM Conclave 2024 aims to revolutionize traditional conferences by offering an immersive platform for forging meaningful connections, fostering creativity, and driving transformative thinking within the experiential tourism industry. Through its insightful seminar and conference sessions, the event, organized by the Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce & Industry under the aegis of the Telangana Government Tourism Department, is slated to provide a unique forum for academia, tourism industry players, government representatives, and esteemed industry players to actively exchange cutting-edge research and industrial case studies.


The event speakers, ranging from industry titans to government officials, airline executives, and educationalists, will be deliberating on various facets of the travel and tourism landscape. Serving as a converging point for dedicated travel professionals, FTCCI ETM Conclave 2024 will provide an opportunity for them to explore new ventures, innovations, trends, and avenues for sustainable growth. It aims to set a stage that not only educates but also inspires, energizes, and creates a positive change for the experiential tourism industry and global MICE industry.

“Organizing the inaugural FTCCI ETM Conclave 2024 marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to fortify the ties within the Tourism, MICE, Medical Tourism, Weddings, and Film Production sectors worldwide,” said Meela Jayadev, President, FTCCI & Director, Sudhakar Polymers.

Underscoring the significance of the event, Rakhi Kankaria, Chairperson, THMMICEE Committee, FTCCI & Director, Rachnoutsav Events, said, “We are proud to present the 1st edition of FTCCI ETM Conclave 2024, which has already garnered recognition as one of the premier events for the Tourism, MICE, Medical Tourism, Weddings, and Film Production sectors globally.”

“With the debut of the FTCCI ETM Conclave 24’, we embark on a journey towards redefining industry standards and fostering unprecedented collaborations,” expressed Rajeev Bansal, Director, iCONEX, the company that will be managing the event.


FTCCI ETM Conclave 24’ Highlights

Hosting over 100 exhibitors, more than 500 participating companies, and over 100 invited buyers, this year’s  FTCCI ETM Conclave 24’ comprises road shows, press meets, audio-visual presentations, government interactions, curated speaker sessions, B2B meetings, travel agents & tour operators meets, cultural performances, 6 FAM tours, and panel sessions. It will feature 10 State Tourism Boards, 10 International Tourism Boards, DMCs, Medical Tourism Pavilions, Wedding Tourism Pavilions, Travel Media and Tech Pavilions, Hotels & Resorts, Private Charter Pavilions, Experiential Zones. 

The 6 FAM Trips include: Religious FAM Trip, Heritage FAM Trip, Hyderabad FAM Trip. Hotel & Convention FAM Trip, Medical FAM Trip, and Textile FAM Trip.

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With a comprehensive showcase of MICE, Tourism, Weddings, Medical Tourism, and Film Locations, the event offers an exclusive chance for the delegates and participants to immerse themselves in a myriad of destinations, services, and attractions featured.

Industry experts will be deliberating on the recent trends in the industry during the interactive sessions and panel discussions, making the event an ideal place to connect with key stakeholders and decision-makers and expand one’s network. Additionally, Global Destination Partnerships will lead to enhancing international connections.

A dedicated hosted buyer program will also be featured for pre-qualified buyers. 

Participants at the FTCCI ETM Conclave 24’ can engage with exhibitors from varied industry verticals such as Food Packaging, Leisure Tourism, Medical Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Film Tourism, Hospitality, Airlines, Heritage Properties, Event Management, Destination Management Companies, Hotels And Resorts, Airlines, Insurance Companies, Tour Operators, International Tourism Boards, Film Production Houses, Cruises, Standalone Properties, and Wedding Planning.

Participating tourism sectors include Destination Management Companies; Travel, Tourism & Airlines Professionals; Travel Food Packaging Agencies; Travel Baggage Companies; Travel Gadgets; Medical Wellness Tourism; Sports Tourism; Travel Media; Tour Operators; Tourism Authority; Travel Industry IT & Authority; Heritage Conservation Architects; Travel & Tour Associations; Tourist Organizations; Airlines; Airports; Private Charter Planes; Meet & Greet Airport Services; Trending Technology AI & Virtual Reality; Hotels; Hotel Associations; Holiday Camps; Tourism Policy Makers; Railways; Cruises & Sea Ferries; Inland Waterways; Port Authority;  Car Rental Companies; AutoCar & Coach Companies; SPA Professionals; Golf Clubs; PCO/Event Organizers; and Travel Consultants.

The two-day B2B Meet has been organized with the view to expand business opportunities, foster global linkages, develop strategic partnerships, and explore potentially rewarding ventures.

The primary objective of the FTCCI ETM Conclave 24’  is to enhance Telangana’s tourism potential, foster relationships, establish business contacts, and facilitate joint ventures.

Telangana Government Tourism Department

The vision of the Telangana Government Tourism Department is to transform the state into a premier tourist destination known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant festivals, diverse landscapes, and world-class hospitality. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, the department aims to promote sustainable tourism, empower local communities, preserve historical sites, and showcase Telangana's unique identity to the world.

By leveraging technology and innovation, the government envisions creating memorable experiences for visitors while fostering economic growth and preserving the natural environment for future generations.

The department is committed to showcasing Telangana's rich history and cultural heritage, including its architectural marvels, ancient monuments, and traditional arts and crafts. Efforts are directed towards preserving and promoting these cultural assets to attract domestic and international tourists.

Recognizing the importance of environmental conservation, the department emphasizes sustainable tourism practices. Efforts are directed toward minimizing the environmental impact of tourism activities, promoting responsible travel behavior, and preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of Telangana's landscapes.

Knowing the Organizer FTCCI

The Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry - FTCCI, the Telangana State Chamber, has been consistently growing for the last 106 years in our ever-emerging society. It has been bringing in the change by being the change as an organization. It has been leading the business community towards sustainable economic growth and advocating a pro-business climate. With the primary function of playing an active role in the economic development of the Telangana State, the Federation liaises between Trade, Industry, and the Government.

FTCCI, with its THMMICEE - Tourism Hospitality Media MICE Entertainment and Events Committee, plays a pivotal role in promoting and developing tourism and related industry in the region.

Role of iCONEX

The FTCCI ETM Conclave 24’ is managed by iCONEX, an international specialist in organizing conferences, events, seminars, workshops, and training programs. The organization pursues business objectives towards the promotion and facilitation of tools and technologies for a resilient and sustainable future.

The company creates platforms for promoting awareness, policy advocacy, and business development by connecting stakeholders and communities from various sectors such as health, safety, environment, energy, and technology, all contributing towards the sustainable development of society.

iCONEX has a presence in different regions of the world like the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, USA, and India. It is exclusively dedicated to promoting a paradigm shift for a sustainable future, technology intervention, and connecting stakeholders from different industries since 2013.