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Fotilo Films Redefining Visual Storytelling - Feature

Fotilo Films Redefining Visual Storytelling

Fotilo Films Redefining Visual Storytelling

Industry Stakeholder Profile 

In the dynamic world of events and exhibitions, capturing the essence and excitement is paramount. Enter Fotilo Films, a pioneering video production company founded by Vipasha Kiran. With an innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, Fotilo Films has been revolutionizing event coverage, setting new standards in visual storytelling. 

Fotilo Films’ inception stemmed from recognizing the necessity for effective video production in events and exhibitions. “The need for effective video production in events and exhibitions to provide valuable content for marketing and promotional efforts before, during, and after the event motivated us to work in this industry,” explains Vipasha Kiran, Founder Director, Fotilo Films. “Our passion for visual storytelling and capturing memorable moments inspired us to create a niche in this domain, to showcase the vibrancy and excitement of events and exhibitions.”

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The success story of this company bespeaks its commitment to the creation of top-notch video content, which has been acknowledged by Business Mint, recognizing it as ’Most Promising Event Video Production Company, Hyderabad 2023’,  and client’s Google rating of 4.9 reflects their satisfaction. Its major activities of event and exhibition coverage have been complemented by the other aspects of video production, like corporate brand films, brand advertisement videos, animation, and digital ads.

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This diversification demonstrates Fotilo Films’ dedication to evolution and progress for the adjunct of the industry in the midst of the dynamic landscape of the industry itself, which remains consistent 
 with what Kiran reminds us of: “Our commitment to excellence and our passion for visual storytelling continue to steer us forward as we grow and evolve in the backdrop of this dynamic industry.”

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The HITEX-Fotilo Films Bond

Central to Fotilo Films’ growth and success has been its collaboration with HITEX Exhibition Centre. Operating from the HITEX premises has provided Fotilo Films with invaluable exposure to different industries and abundant networking opportunities. Organizers, not only from Hyderabad but also from outside Hyderabad, collaborate with the company for their video marketing requirements. Some of the key HITEX shows catered to are PETEX India, HIMTEX & IPEC, Sports Expo India, KIDS Expo, RICE & GRAIN Expo, MED Expo, and LDF India.

“HITEX has played a pivotal role in our journey; we have other major shows like INDUS FOOD, ET TECH, and the Kisan Agri show, to name a few, because of the HITEX reference. Sincere thanks to TG Srikanth, Business Head, HITEX, for mentoring and supporting us throughout,” notes Kiran. “It has offered us a platform to expand our team and services, starting from a small, lean team to being able to cover any kind of large-scale event.”

The collaboration with HITEX has also spurred innovation, with Fotilo Films introducing new services such as live streaming and instant video reels during live events. “The best thing about HITEX is that they are competitive, dynamic, and great design thinkers. We always take this as a challenge and try to meet their expectations,” elaborates Kiran. “This helps us to push ourselves hard and adopt new ideas. This included the way of capturing photos and videos for B2B vs B2C and sending customized photos to individual exhibitors, and many more.”

According to Vipasha, Conferences, Workshops, Technology, and products become integral parts of content creation in B2B and live streaming; these elements build hype about shows. “While B2C is more focused on visitor engagement and entertainment,” she further states. “Short-form, crisp contents grab more attention here. Our main aim is to customize the content based on team needs, attract more and more attendees during the event, and boost post-event conversions with our video marketing content.”

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Challenges Behind the Lens

The events and exhibitions industry presents both challenges and opportunities in terms of video coverage. As Vipasha explains, “Video is now an integral part of any event, providing memorable experiences and opportunities for personalization.” However, engaging attendees in a short amount of time with relevant and exciting information remains a challenge amidst evolving attendees’ preferences.

To overcome this challenge, Fotilo Films adopts a multifaceted approach that goes beyond technology. “We focus on storytelling, real success stories, and gathering honest feedback,” says Kiran. Testimonials and post-event success stories play a crucial role in building social proof and driving conversions for future events. “Also, I recommend recording post-event, capturing exhibitors’ and sponsors’ success stories; this will drive more conversions at upcoming events,” she adds.

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Innovating Amidst Change

The landscape of events and exhibitions has tremendously changed, especially in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic. Virtual and hybrid events, technology integration, personalized experiences, and diversified content creation have become the norm. 

Fotilo Films has embraced these changes with agility, incorporating new technologies such as Live Streaming, AI, AR/VR, and tailor-made content creation into its offerings.

“We understood the need to adapt to industry changes dynamically and introduced same-day video edits with multiple short-form content across social media platforms to target attendees and prospective customers.” Committed to filling any gap in the events and exhibition industry by handshaking new technologies, she pointed out, “We added photo-culling AI solutions, including AI art-generative tools for light-speed content delivery. We understood the need for customer testimony as proof of event success and designed the customer feedback video in a very effective manner.”

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Trendsetting Strategies

The Founder Director sheds light on the evolving landscape of event coverage through innovative video production strategies. Observing a surge in demand for high-quality video content as well as organizers investment in professional production teams to ensure crisp and engaging video content during and after the show, Vipasha emphasizes the importance of storytelling to emotionally connect with viewers and convey the event’s message effectively. “It’s easy to measure the success of video content,” she states. “Organizers are using data to analyze viewer engagement, track performance, and make informed decisions for future content strategies.”

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Creating content libraries for events, allowing attendees to access sessions, workshops, and other content at their convenience, she further discusses the shift towards personalized experiences for attendees, incorporating user-generated content (UGC) to add authenticity and diversity to event coverage. Moreover, the utilization of short-form videos optimized for social media platforms like Instagram Reels and Facebook enables quick engagement and captures audience attention efficiently. Live streaming too remained a dominant trend, enabling real-time interaction, engagement, and a sense of immediacy, with many events leveraging platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or dedicated virtual event platforms for live broadcasts.

She envisions video production as a cornerstone in event promotion, citing examples of Fotilo Films’ impactful contributions to event success. From same-day edit videos generating buzz on social media to testimonial videos showcasing exhibitors’ success stories, Fotilo Films demonstrates its commitment to enhancing event coverage and driving audience engagement. 

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With a focus on innovation and storytelling, Fotilo Films continues to lead the way in revolutionizing event coverage through dynamic video production. Successfully offering value add to HITEX, she reveals, “Our testimonial videos are unique in their ability to capture exhibitors’ honest feedback and their success stories during the events. This helped HITEX showcase itself for the next edition. Short-form, engaging reels helped HITEX create valuable video content for their social media promotion.”

Overall, Fotilo Films’ proactive approaches have enhanced engagement and interaction during events and exhibitions, further cementing its position as a leading video production house in the industry.