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Fostering Responsible Pet Care and Industry Growth - Feature

Fostering Responsible Pet Care and Industry Growth

Fostering Responsible Pet Care and Industry Growth

Organized by Hyderabad International Trade Expositions Ltd (HITEX), from December 22-24, India’s premier exhibition for pet care products PETEX INDIA 2023, at HITEX, did not limit itself to being a platform for business and networking. It was successful in its endeavor to enhance the overall well-being of animals by addressing matters most concerning to the industry through workshops and demonstrations led by experts in the field and acknowledging compassionate beings dedicated to animal welfare.

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PETEX INDIA is a premier exhibition that showcases the best from India’s pet care industry. The B2B2C expo provides a perfect platform for the pet industry, manufacturers, wholesalers, and service providers to present products for pets and innovative pet supplies to industry experts, business visitors, and consumers under one roof.
At the core of PETEX INDIA lies HITEX’s unwavering commitment to responsible pet ownership, sustainability, and economic growth within the pet industry. This year’s PETEX was not just an event; it was a pledge to nurture a community that deeply cares for its furry companions, recognizing the profound impact they have on our lives.

A Platform for Innovation and Growth
In the dynamic pet industry, fostering collaboration and sharing innovative ideas are essential, and PETEX INDIA serves as the central hub for these vital activities. It transcends beyond being a mere business connector to becoming a significant event that unites stakeholders, encourages innovation, and honors the unbreakable bond between humans and their cherished pets.
As the landscape of the pet industry continually evolves, the role of PETEX INDIA becomes increasingly pivotal. It is the epicenter where manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and pet parents converge to explore emerging trends, discover cutting-edge products, and engage in meaningful conversations that shape the trajectory of the pet ecosystem in our country.
Over 20 pioneering startups from every corner of India showcased their innovative pet-centric products and services. From pet food to healthcare, fashion to accessories, and toys to lifestyles, PETEX INDIA served as a dynamic platform for manufacturers, wholesalers, and service providers to present their offerings to industry experts and over 25,000 enthusiastic visitors. Over 50 exhibitors actively participated in the show.

Business Meets Compassion
The business facet of PETEX India 2023 witnessed unprecedented success with a leadership conference that delved into responsible pet ownership and knowledge sharing. 50 veterinarians from across India engaged in discussions on the latest trends in pet healthcare. The conference began with a round table discussion on the management of Indie dogs, emphasizing the need for adoption drives. Prominent veterinarians from Egypt and the USA, together with their counterparts throughout India, emphasized the worldwide significance of conscientious pet ownership.
Industry leaders convened to discuss the future of the pet industry, setting the stage for collaborative growth and innovation. A workshop on therapy dogs, led by Bangalore-based Dr Subhadra Cherukuri, Founder & Owner, Wag-Ville, drew 18 participants.

Fun and Excitement Unleashed
With a vibrant participation of 500 pets accompanied by their parents engaging in various activities, the event featured Nitin Divekar, Founder, All India Pet Parents Association, Mumbai, and Progressive Canines as activity partners. The highlight was the International Cat Championship show, evaluated by esteemed Russian judges, that truly captivated the audience. The International Cat Championship show witnessed active participation, with a total of 186 cats. 
Distinguished Russian Judges who presided over the cat show included Ekaterina Drozhzhina and Olga Kuznetsova from All Breed Judge, Russia, World Cat Federation (WCF).
The event featured over 50 varieties of Ornamental Fish, including Silver Arowana, Flowerhorn, Koi Fish, Giant Gourami, Alligator Gar, Tiger Oscar, Albino Oscar, Red Parrot Fish, Pufferfish, Kissing Gourami, Cichlids (4 types), Scats Fish, Tiger Shark, Twin Fin Barb, Red Cap Goldfish, Oranda Goldfish, Pacu Fish, Rosy Barb, Tiger Barb, Sucker Catfish, Tetras (5 types), Channa Fish, Lobsters, SK Gold, Molly’s (3 types), Silver Dollars, Black Ghost Fish, and many more. 
Additionally, the Therapy Dogs Workshop and Demo, led by the certified Canine Behaviorist and Dog Trainer Dr Cherukuri, added a touch of compassion and learning to the show. The workshop aimed to benefit pet parents, psychiatrists, psychology students, dog trainers, schools, and individuals working in institutions focusing on mental health. Addressing concerns such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities, the workshop highlighted the therapeutic bond between humans and dogs. She brought her expertise to create a meaningful and educational experience for all attendees. 

Pet Activities
Breed Meets: This edition of PETEX INDIA introduced a thrilling experience with scheduled meet-ups for six breeds over three days. It was a delight for pet lovers to witness tens and hundreds of each breed coming together, playing, and creating a festive atmosphere. The breed meets included Indie-Gnity Challenge, Shih Tzu Comedy Parade, Beaglemania, Lab-Tastic Meet, Goldie’s Got Talent, and Husky Howl-Off.
Fun Games & Activities: The show featured entertaining games and activities, including a Dog Fashion Show, Dog Ball Pit, Dog Pool, and Save Your Balloon.
International Cat Champion Show: A highlight of the event, the International Cat Champion Show, showcased the talents of 186 cats, a treat for feline enthusiasts.
Pawga: Pawga offered a unique experience where participants practiced beginner’s yoga as puppies and kittens from shelters ran around them. 
Exotic Birds & Pets Display: Visitors enjoyed the display of exotic birds and pets, including pythons, giant lizards, birds, rabbits, and swans.
Ornamental Fish Display: The event showcased a wide variety of ornamental fish in the exotic section, captivating attendees with aquatic displays.

Recognizing Excellence
PETEX INDIA 2023 concluded with the acknowledgment of six canine heroes who had generously donated blood on multiple occasions. Their selfless acts were honored, marking a moment of gratitude for their life-saving efforts.
Moreover, the Pet Industry Social Impact Award was bestowed upon Kiran Roystian, Founder, Roystian Foundations for designing dog food dispensing machines. The invention utilizes used plastic water bottles, addressing two critical issues crucial for the survival of street dogs: recycling (by collecting plastic for recycling) and providing nutritious food to those in need. The award recognized Kiran’s efforts to make a positive impact on both the environment and the well-being of our four-legged friends.

Bridging Kids and Pets
Vinoth Sasidharan, AGM - Own shows, articulated the strategic vision behind uniting PETEX INDIA and HITEX Hyderabad Kids Fair. “The whole idea of bringing PETEX INDIA and HITEX Hyderabad Kids’ Fair is with a clear vision of bringing pets and kids together. The more kids get curious about owning a pet, the faster the industry’s growth will be. Adopting this strategy has worked out very well for us and it was appreciated by the majority of the exhibitors at PETEX INDIA,” he said.

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More Than a Business Event
PETEX INDIA 2023 endeavored to be more than a platform for the pet care industry to promote its latest. It presented itself as a medium to promote responsible pet ownership and sustainability. By addressing stray dog issues, advancing pet healthcare, and fostering business opportunities, PETEX India made a positive impact on the wellness of our furry friends. HITEX’s commitment to fostering a compassionate and responsible pet culture shone prominently at PETEX India, positioning it as a beacon of hope and promise for the pet industry.