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Empowering Entrepreneurs, Brand by Brand

Empowering Entrepreneurs, Brand by Brand

Event Report: FROEXPO 2024 Hyderabad

FROEXPO 2024 Hyderabad was a cornerstone event, organized by Franchise India Holdings Ltd, that illuminated the evolving landscape of franchising and retail in Telangana. The expo, held on March 16-17, 2024, at HITEX Exhibition Center, Hyderabad, brought together industry professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and established brands to explore the latest trends and foster entrepreneurial growth. 

The prestigious 133rd National Franchise & Retail Opportunity Expo opened doors to a world of diverse franchise avenues and insightful perspectives into the retail real estate landscape. The expo provided a unique platform to explore new business opportunities and maintain a steady course in the evolving landscape of franchising and retail.

An Entrepreneurial Nexus

Aiming to nurture entrepreneurship, the expo created a vibrant environment ripe with opportunities for business, knowledge exchange, and networking. As articulated by Ashita Marya, CEO, Franchise India Holdings Ltd, “This platform serves as a vibrant hub that unites industry leaders, brands, entrepreneurs, national & international brands, and established businesses to share insights, forge partnerships, and explore innovative prospects.” The event also provided aspiring business owners with invaluable knowledge, industry best practices, and indispensable resources necessary for their ventures to succeed.

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The expo left an indelible mark on the Indian business landscape. In this context, Marya highlighted, “The impact of our business-to-business (B2B) expos on the Indian business landscape is profound. They catalyze industry growth, facilitate the entry of new players, and foster the expansion of existing businesses.” By bridging sectoral divides and fostering collaborative partnerships across industries, the event ensured holistic business development and large-scale economic expansion. She emphasized, “We ensure that our expos remain aligned with industry trends and evolving business landscapes. Through these initiatives, Franchise India Holdings Ltd continues to be at the forefront of empowering entrepreneurship and shaping the future of business in India.”  

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Franchise Boom: Shifting Dynamics

The franchise and retail sectors have witnessed evolving trends, dynamic demands, and a noticeable shift towards Tier II and Tier III cities, especially with the rapid urbanization and economic growth experienced in the state. “The shift from traditional, unorganized retail to organized retail formats such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, malls, and specialty stores has been prominent,” she stated. “This transition reflects the evolving consumer preferences and the expansion of organized retail chains across Hyderabad and other key cities in Telangana.” 

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In tandem, franchising has gained traction as a favored business model in the state, providing entrepreneurs with access to established brand identities, tested business frameworks, and robust support infrastructures. “Various sectors, including food and beverage, retail, education, healthcare, and services, are witnessing the growth of franchise outlets,” as highlighted by Marya. This growth was supported by the diverse opportunities in various niche markets that were available for attendees to explore at the event.

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Riding the Trends Wave

Telangana’s status as a prominent IT hub has spurred retailers and franchisors to adopt the latest trends, emphasizing the enhancement of online presence and the provision of seamless omnichannel experiences. This strategic approach aligns with the state’s thriving market landscape and ever-changing consumer preferences. 

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The demand for specialty and niche products/services is on the rise in the region, encompassing segments such as organic and gourmet foods, health and wellness products, specialty fashion, and experiential retail concepts. This surge in demand has created significant franchising opportunities within these sectors. 

Similarly, the growing emphasis on health and wellness in the state, mirroring trends in the broader Indian market, has led to the proliferation of fitness centers, organic stores, health clinics, and wellness spas. Marya suggested, “Entrepreneurs and businesses looking to enter the market can capitalize on these trends by identifying niche opportunities and leveraging innovative strategies to attract consumers.” With that in mind, the event successfully featured a spectrum of esteemed healthcare franchise brands that tapped into these growing trends, among other initiatives that made it a success.

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Networking and Franchise Fiesta

The event showcased a few distinctive features that distinguished it from other events in the industry. To begin, it offered a wide array of franchise opportunities, with over 200 renowned brands representing sectors such as food and beverage, education, healthcare, and more. This diverse selection provided brands with a unique chance to connect and engage with over 10,000 valued investors, resulting in potential collaboration and business growth. 

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In addition, the event facilitated unparalleled networking opportunities. Brands and visitors had the chance to build valuable connections with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals. According to Marya, the expo provided a platform to collaborate, share ideas, and foster growth within the franchise and retail ecosystem.

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The event was widely known for its on-spot deals and closures, enabling many brands to finalize agreements for their expansion plans during the event. This real-time interaction and deal-making added a unique element to the expo, enhancing its appeal and value proposition for both parties. 

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Overall, as the event left a lasting impact on the attendees and the broader market, another aspect that contributed to its success was the choice of venue. 

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Venue Contributes to Success

The selection of HITEX Exhibition Center as the venue for the event was a strategic choice driven by thoughtful considerations. Marya explained this by stating, “We were earlier doing our shows at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC). Sometime later, our region suggested shifting our show to HITEX. Though we were a little hesitant initially, we went ahead with our decision to shift to HITEX.” This decision proved to be a success, as the venue played a crucial role in amplifying the expo’s reach and effectiveness, furthering the goal of empowering entrepreneurs across the nation.

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Commending HITEX Exhibition Centre she said, “HITEX has a very sincere and brilliant team of professionals who are supportive and empathetic. We are very happy that we are associated with HITEX and look forward to taking our relationship further by doing more shows here.”

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