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Elevating Women’s Healthcare Frontier - Features

Elevating Women’s Healthcare Frontier

Elevating Women’s Healthcare Frontier

The 66th All India Congress of Obstetrics  and Gynaecology (AICOG), held on January  6-10, 2024, at Hyderabad’s International Convention Centre (HICC) and Hyderabad International Exhibition Centre (HITEX),  left an indelible mark as a groundbreaking  event in women’s healthcare.

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Conference Managed by Meety Event Pvt Ltd and hosted by Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI), and OGSH the event brought together healthcare professionals, researchers, and practitioners from around the globe under one roof.

Stepping into the new year with a profound exploration of women’s health, AICOG took center stage in Hyderabad. The event meticulously delved into recent trends and advancements in obstetrics & gynecology, offering a comprehensive focus on themes like Obstetric Medicine, Emerging Technologies, and Fetal Medicine. With an array of keynote lectures, panel discussions, and workshops, the congress became a hub of knowledge exchange.

Revolutionizing Women’s Healthcare

“The 66th edition of the All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology distinguishes itself as a prestigious event, surpassing its preceding editions,” stated Thirupathi Atkapuram, CEM, Founder & CEO, Meety Event Pvt Ltd. “This accolade is owed to the world-class convention center at HICC and the adjacent exhibition facility at HITEX, strategically located in close proximity and thus establishing an ideal setting for this congress.”

The first-day schedule included Pre-Congress Paid Workshops, FOGSI Managing Committee Meeting, and Managing Committee Dinner. The show started with Flag Hoisting, Dr CG Saraiya CME, and FOGSI Committee Workshops. The second day of the show was filled with impactful sessions like the Scientific Program Day, Dheera NO TO VAW Oration, FOGSI Amadeus Shreya Oration, and ICOG CL Jhaveri Symposium. On the same lines the two concluding days of the event featured Scientific Program Day with ICOG Convocation, Dr Usha Krishna Quiz, and FOGSI Prize Winning Talks, and Closing Ceremony; respectively.

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Symposium Spotlight

The insightful medical symposium, Dr CG Saraiya CME, unfolded at the Kakatiya & Rani Rudrama Devi Hall, on January 7, 2024. It delved into a range of topics, starting with Session 1, led by Dr Kiranmai Devineni and Dr Kunal Doshi. The focus was on endometriosis, unraveling its enigma, and discussing its profound impact on infertility and pain. Session 2, steered by Dr B Aruna Suman and Dr Rohan Palshetkar, explored the nuances of treating infertility in males, providing insights into the current status of the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Act in India. Additionally, the session addressed the powerful global initiative DHEERE, advocating for saying no to violence against women.

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The symposium progressed with engaging panel discussions, including overcoming difficulties in Cesarean sections in Session 3, headed by Dr Archana Singh & Dr Neharika Malhotra. Session 4, led by Dr V Hima Deepthi & Dr Priyankur Roy, dwelled on breakthrough papers in Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH), WHO recommendations for positive childbirth experiences, and strategies to address heavy menstrual bleeding. Finally, in Session 5, Dr Lakshmi Chirumamilla & Dr Apoorva Pallamreddy shed light on the nuanced exploration of contraception challenges in co-morbidities in their panel discussion.

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International Presence 

Hailed as ‘India’s Biggest Medical Conference’, “the congress garnered approximately 10,000 registered delegates, all hailing from the field of gynecology,” Atkapuram shared. With over 100 international faculty members and 13,000+ Indian faculty participants.

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“This congress boasts 2,025 participating exhibitors from the pharmaceutical sector, surgical companies, medical device companies, and an arts & crafts bazaar,” he added. “International faculties represented esteemed associations like FIGO, EBCOG, FLASAGO, AOFOG, and AFOG, adding a global perspective to the congress.”

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The event included 14 Pre-Congress Workshops and social evenings showcasing the vibrant Telangana Cuisine, with an extensive 264 hours of academics. It also witnessed the presence of Special Guests, including Rana Daggubati, an Indian actor & film producer; Nag Ashwin, an Indian film director & screenwriter; and Sobhita Dhulipala, an Indian actress, along with singers Vishnupriya Ravi, LV Revanth, and Kenisha Francis.

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Triumph of Key Forums 

One of the pivotal sessions was the public forum, Dheera - No to Violence Against Women, organized by FOGSI, held on January 8, 2024, at HICC. Esteemed speakers, including Prof S Shantha Kumari, Treasurer, FIGO, Organizing Chairperson; Dansari Anasuya (Seethakka), Minister of Women and Child Welfare of Telangana, as Chief Guest; and Prof Anne-Beatrice Kihara, Kenya, President of International Federation of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (FIGO), in the presence of other luminaries.

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In addition to the FOGSI Friends Session at Novotel Ballroom, January 8 also witnessed a special session by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Srimanarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy at Rani Rudrama Devi Hall, captivating the audience with spiritual insights. Another key session, the Public Forum on Breast Cancer Advocacy and Screening, was held on January 9, 2024, at Rachabanda HITEX. Prof Frank Louwen, Germany, President Elect, FIGO, as the Chief Guest in the presence of the Organizing Chairperson. Dr Jaydeep Tank, President, FOGSI, and Dr Madhuri Patel, Secretary General, FOGSI, were the Guests of Honor for both forums.

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Closing Thoughts

The 66th AICOG not only demonstrated excellence in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, but it also embodied how the medical community is committed to addressing problems within society. Atkapuram added, “The 66th AICOG introduced cutting-edge AI innovations, sparking significant discussions within the Indian health sector.”

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In essence, the Congress, through its enriching scientific programs and global perspective as well as diverse dialogues, wonderfully contributed to the development of healthcare in the country. Bolstering the success and continued progress in the field of women’s healthcare, it remains etched vividly among the attendees. 

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The 66th AICOG in Hyderabad marked a groundbreaking event in women's healthcare, attracting global healthcare professionals, researchers, and practitioners. The international presence included 10,000 delegates and 100+ faculty members.