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Celebrating Agricultural Progress - Features

Celebrating Agricultural Progress

Celebrating Agricultural Progress

The KISAN Agri Show 2024 was held from February 1-3 at the HITEX Exhibition & Convention Centre in Hyderabad. Organized by Kisan Forum Pvt Ltd, the show proved to be a resounding success, attracting a remarkable response from farmers and the agricultural industry. It reverberated with the echoes of progress and possibility for stakeholders who converged to explore the latest trends and technologies in agriculture.

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Thummala Nageswara Rao, Minister for Agriculture of Telangana, inaugurated the 2nd edition of KISAN Agri Show, which created a platform for industry convergence and innovation. The event was attended by 140 exhibitors and over 20,000 visitors from all across the state as well as neighboring regions, making it Telangana’s biggest agriculture fair. 

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Event Highlights

The organizers implemented several key features to enhance the experience for both exhibitors and visitors, including pre-registration, a digital catalog, and lead generation with Kisan Connect mobile app. On pre-registration, the organizers of KISAN Agri Show 2024 commented, “Pre-registration of visitors, i.e., farmers, helped in sharing information in advance. Prior to the event, 15,000+ visitors registered.”

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The digital catalog provided registered visitors with insights into exhibitors and products, fostering dialogue even before the exhibition commenced. “A Digital Catalog is made available to all registered visitors. This initiates dialogue much before the exhibition starts,” reiterated the organizers. “Visitors know in advance what to expect and come prepared to make decisions.”

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The introduction of lead generation through the Kisan Connect mobile app enabled exhibitors to access verified visitor data in real-time, enhancing engagement and follow-up post-event. As the organizers explained, “Each visitor is made to wear a badge with a unique QR code. A badge scan offered exhibitors verified data and a feature to tag each visitor, so the data could be filtered for action. This data was made available in real-time.” 

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Driving Industry Convergence

The products and services presented at the KISAN Agri Show 2024 were wide and diverse, ranging from farm machinery, water management solutions, innovative startups, IoT applications in agriculture, and many more. The three-day exhibition brought together progressive farmers, policymakers, agri-consultants, officials, and influencers to convene, exchange ideas, and set the agenda for a sustainable future in agriculture.

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The success of the event was measured not just by the numbers but by the quality and impact of participation, as the organizers pointed out, “Visitors’ number, geographic spread, and quality, i.e., decision-making power, will define success.” The emphasis was on attracting visitors with decision-making power, ensuring that the event served as a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and decision-making. The geographical spread of visitors reflected the event’s significance beyond regional boundaries.

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HITEX Exhibition Centre’s Strategic Role

HITEX Exhibition & Convention Centre provided an ideal backdrop for the KISAN Agri Show, with its strategic location in Telangana. As the organizers highlighted, “HITEX has many advantages—especially for us. Its location in Telangana state, optimum size of halls, ready infrastructure, and cooperative venue team with vast experience.”

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The HITEX supportive team contributed immensely to the seamless execution of the event, leveraging their vast experience to ensure a smooth experience for participants. The exhibition pavilions acted as centers for innovation and interaction, presenting participants with opportunities to interact with industry experts and learn about emerging trends.  While dedicated pavilions for specific focus are envisioned for future editions, the current focus remains on fostering a comprehensive exhibition experience. The organizers pointed out, “Exhibition has to grow further to have separate pavilions, which may happen next year.” 

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Reflecting on KISAN Agri Show 2024

KISAN Agri Show 2024 succeeded in becoming the vital enabling stage for agribusiness as it facilitated in fostering partnerships and networking among the stakeholders. The event greatly contributed to addressing the sector’s changing needs and setting a platform for future development in agriculture, as it proved itself to be one of the best events among all agricultural events.