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Beyond the Bell Program

Beyond the Bell Program

The 16th edition of the HITEX Hyderabad Kids’ Fair was highly successful in its pursuit of being more than just an event to entertain children and families. With a string of activities, games, workshops, arts & crafts, competitions, role-plays, music, shopping, and fun rides, the fair was a true Christmas gift for the attendees who took along with them joy and lasting memories. At the heart of this success was the groundbreaking ‘Beyond the Bell Program’, meticulously designed to rejuvenate young minds and foster both cognitive and physical well-being.

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HITEX Hyderabad Kids’ Fair is an annual Flagship B2C event organized by Hyderabad International Trade Expositions Ltd. Being India’s premier exhibition on kids’ products, the event attracts thousands of visitors every edition and is consistently proven to be a grand success for exhibitors, brands, sponsors, the community, and most importantly, the kids. The Fair showcases a wide range of kids’ products and services and provides a comprehensive shopping experience that appeals to kids, parents, and schools alike.

Setting the Tone
Shri Jupalli Krishna Rao, Minister for Excise and Prohibition, Tourism and Culture, Government of Telangana, inaugurated the twin expos of PETEX INDIA and HITEX Hyderabad Kids’  Fair at HITEX. His presence, alongside his wife and grandchildren Veer and Siddhi, emphasized the fair’s appeal as a family affair rather than just child-centric. 
While inaugurating, Minister Jupalli Krishna Rao spoke about the rich cultural heritage of Telangana and its commendable history. He praised the state for its convenient trade and recognized it as one of the best in the country for doing business. 

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A Comprehensive Initiative

The 16th edition of HITEX Hyderabad Kids’ Fair, held from December 22-24, 2023, at HITEX, turned out to be a highly immersive experience for children and families alike with a plethora of new attractions.  

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The cornerstone of the fair was the groundbreaking ‘Beyond the Bell Program’. Designed to refresh young minds and contribute to their cognitive and physical well-being, the program offered a diverse range of after-school activities. From the energetic KidsRun by Hyderabad Runners to a thrilling Driving track by Holly Jolly, a Fashion Show by Superstar Kids Fashion, a Badminton Championship by Game Point, a Robotics Workshop by Leap Robotics, and a live performance by School Music Band and Sruthi Hasini, a 16-year-old musician—the fair promised a well-rounded and entertaining experience for kids.

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The event witnessed a massive engagement of children and received an overwhelming response with a footfall of 30,000. The total exhibition space spanned 1,300 sq mt and housed 84 enthusiastic exhibitors.

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Diverse Exhibits Across Four Key Categories
HITEX Hyderabad Kids’ Fair 2023 aimed to be a one-stop destination for families during the festive season. The fair showcased a diverse array of exhibits across four key categories—Education, Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Hobbies.

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Education: 19 exhibitors offered a variety of educational offerings, including innovative learning solutions, educational toys, and interactive exhibits tailored to meet the diverse needs of children.

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Lifestyle: 27 exhibitors in the Lifestyle category indulged families in the latest trends and products specifically for children, from fashionable clothing to unique décor items.

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Nutrition: 11 exhibitors in the Nutrition category promoted a balanced and nutritious lifestyle for children, showcasing healthy snacks, supplements, and nutritional guidance.

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Hobbies: 17 exhibitors in the Hobbies category provided a haven for young enthusiasts, encouraging creativity, and skill development through arts, crafts, sports, and technology. Explaining the rationale behind hosting two simultaneous events – PETEX INDIA and HITEX Hyderabad Kids’ Fair, P Venkat Vasanth Reddy, Assistant General Manager, HITEX, stated that combining the appeal of PETEX INDIA with that of HITEX Hyderabad Kids’ Fair.

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By placing kids and pets in the spotlight simultaneously, not only linked two outstanding shows but also crafted a familial atmosphere, adding to the overall allure and attracting a diverse audience. This approach went beyond being merely a strategy; it evolved into a celebration of togetherness that resonated well, bringing in enthusiastic attendees to the show.”

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Shaping Young Minds
This year’s HITEX Hyderabad Kids’ Fair was committed to promoting creativity, positive thinking, healthy growth, physical activity, sports, self-esteem, and confidence in the young minds of the community. The show offered a spectacular showcase of talent, innovation, and pure joy. Here’s a glimpse into the performances that took center stage:

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KidsRun by Hyderabad Runners: KidsRun by Hyderabad Runners was a display of kids’ athleticism and youthful energy. A total of 1,231 children participated in the running event.

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Driving Track by Holly Jolly: The event aimed at providing the thrill of driving to the kids. The experience was made comprehensive with kids receiving a learning license.

Superstar Kids Fashion Show: The runway came alive with the flair and confidence of budding fashionistas, offering a glimpse into the future of style and trends. In the pre-screening, 280 participants showcased their talents, out of which 48 made it to the final fashion show and 8 were awarded.

Badminton Championship by Game Point: The competition aimed at showcasing sporting prowess and also instilling a sense of healthy competition and camaraderie among the young athletes. A total of 17 teams participated in the championship.

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Robotics Workshop by Leap Robotics: Young minds delved into the fascinating world of robotics, fostering creativity and a passion for science and technology.

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School Music Band Live Performance: Multiple school bands took the stage, showcasing the skills of young musicians and adding a musical charm to the fair. 5 teams participated in this program.

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Live DJ performance by Sruthi Hasini: The 16-year-old Sruthi’s captivating melodies added a perfect concluding note to the Kids’ Fair.

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HITEX Hyderabad Kids' Fair 2023 not only met but exceeded expectations, providing an enriching experience for children, parents, exhibitors, and the community at large. As we bid farewell to this edition, the lingering echoes of laughter, enthusiasm, and creativity will serve as a testament to the event's success and its lasting impact on the young hearts and minds it touched. Here's to another year of nurturing joy, growth, and memorable experiences for the kids and families of Hyderabad.

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