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Event Report: CREDAI Hyderabad Property Show 2024

The CREDAI Hyderabad Property Show 2024, hosted by the Hyderabad chapter of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI), was a gigantic event that brought together real estate developers, investors, and builders. The 13th edition of the event was held from March 8-10, 2024, at the renowned HITEX Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad, India.

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The three-day show witnessed a massive footfall of around 20,000 attendees, visiting the booths of 70 esteemed exhibitors. The event served as a platform for the visitors, presenting myriad property types ranging from apartment complexes, integrated townships, gated communities, villas, and green buildings.

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Speaking of this prominent show, Nimma Vamshidhar Reddy, EC Member, CREDAI, said that it caters to the interests of real estate enthusiasts, featuring properties from various locations across the city. There is no specific area of concentration. The show houses a diverse and comprehensive display of properties.

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Membership Matters

To ensure stalls displayed high-quality units, the organizers undertook a stringent project approval process and membership criterion. To this end, Reddy shared, “All developers showcasing their properties at the event are esteemed members of CREDAI Hyderabad. We maintain exclusivity by strictly restricting non-members from participating, as CREDAI membership entails a rigorous selection process. Additionally, we ensure that only projects approved by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) are presented at the property show.” 

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The event’s collaborative efforts and commitment to maintaining high standards ensured a positive impact on visitors, as they praised the exhibition for days beyond the show.

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Local Roots to Lasting Impressions 

During the show, the local community was engaged with stakeholders in various ways that ensured the event’s success and lasting impact. Reddy highlighted the event’s synergetic approach by stating, “During this property show, we collaborate closely with numerous channel partners, and all our vendors are sourced locally.”

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In this context, he averred, “The workshops we conduct focus on locally relevant issues, inspiring designs tailored to our community's needs and preferences.” This approach resonated deeply with the community, as the various informative and educational workshops provided visitors with an opportunity to engage with stakeholders and receive a comprehensive view of the industry.  

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The CREDAI EC member also emphasized the types of workshops that visitors were encouraged to indulge in, “CREDAI Hyderabad hosted various workshops focusing on different aspects of real estate, such as workshops on interiors, legalities, and selecting the perfect home.” These workshops allowed homebuyers to make informed decisions, adding a valuable educational component to the event and thus enhancing its overall impact on attendees.

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Building Connections 

The show successfully encouraged networking among major stakeholders in the real estate sector, including potential house buyers. Reddy pointed out that the CREDAI property show is a good platform for potential home buyers to network with the developers. It provides a unique opportunity to explore a wide range of properties under one roof, saving one from the time-consuming task of searching across multiple sites over several days.

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HITEX: Where Real Estate Dreams Flourish

Commending HITEX Exhibition Centre, Reddy stated that HITEX stands out as the top choice for exhibitions and conventions in Hyderabad. He remarked, “Its outstanding management, infrastructure, convenient location, and proximity make it the ideal venue for hosting the CREDAI Hyderabad property show.” 

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The CREDAI property show stands out as one of the premier events in the city’s real estate landscape. “With each passing year, the footfall continues to rise, showcasing its growing popularity. CREDAI actively gathers feedback from both developers and consumers, leveraging insights to enhance the design and features of the property show,” he concluded. 

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HITEX Exhibition Centre stood out for its outstanding management, infrastructure, convenient location, and proximity. Its top-notch facilities ensure a seamless and enriching experience for exhibitors and visitors alike, making it the ideal platform for showcasing Hyderabad’s real estate prowess.