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Beautech Expo 2024 concluded its dazzling showcase of the cosmetics & beauty industry on January 24, at the HITEX Exhibition Center in Hyderabad. Organized by Sutraa Exhibition, this annual two-day event featured innovation, techniques, rising trends, and giving a platform to talents in the industry, proving to be a transformative experience for industry experts, beauty fans, and businesses. 

The Indian beauty industry is a hub of innovation, competitiveness, and expansion. The sector’s retail value was INR 1,080 billion in 2020 and is growing, creating possibilities and challenges for local and multinational companies. Despite COVID-19, the industry grew 6.8 percent year-on-year from 2019 to 2024.

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From Trends to Talent

In this backdrop, Monika Madhyan, CEO, Beautech Expo, outlines the plan behind the Expo, sharing, “Beautech Expo has been a launchpad for startup brands. This was our second show and was very successful. We are now focusing on delivering business to our clients, which will eventually give our brand a global presence.”

This strategic vision positions Beautech Expo—part of Sutraa Exhibitions, a company that conducts lifestyle exhibitions in promising Tier II cities—as a key player in the industry’s evolution. Leveraging experience and enhancing the Expo’s credibility, Madhyan points out, “Sutraa Exhibition has helped us gain the trust of our exhibitors while delivering back-to-back outstanding B2C shows all across India.”

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Unravelling Marketing Marvel

Beautech Expo recognizes the enduring value of face-to-face marketing. Live event experiences create lasting impressions, with visitors perceiving brands encountered at expos as 28 percent more innovative. Talking of the extensive marketing campaign of the show, the CEO states, “We utilized renowned Makeup Artists (MUAs) and Hairdressers, leveraging their audience reach to generate B2C visitors. For B2B footfall, we employed door-to-door salon and distributor visits, educating them about the program.” This targeted approach contributed to the success of the event, creating a buzz, and attracting a diverse audience.

Diverse Stakeholders Take Center Stage

The exhibitor’s profile included manufacturers and suppliers of personal care and cosmetics raw materials, Ayurveda ingredients, packaging and aerosol packaging, and fragrances and essential oils. In addition
 to beauty education and training institutions, spa and wellness businesses, hair care, color, and style professionals, and health supplements and nutrition suppliers.

Elaborating on  the significance of a diverse pool of exhibitors, she mentions, “We conducted market research about the South Indian beauty market, targeting viral segments using celebrities, artists, and associations.” Further she adds, “The event catered to various segments, including makeup artists, salon owners, nail artists, beauticians, and beauty product dealers and distributors. The total number of exhibitors was 48+, ensuring a dynamic and engaging environment for both stakeholders and visitors.”

Spotlight on Hyderabad and HITEX

Hyderabad, known for its cultural heritage, took the spotlight as the host city for the Beautech Expo. Speaking on Hyderabad, she says that it is well connected with all major cities, and several beauty brands and organizations have their regional offices in the city of Pearls.  

According to Madhyan , the city’s affinity for makeup and central location made it the ideal platform for the event. And there can be no better venue other than HITEX Exhibition Center in Hyderabad. The venue is superbly well-equipped with all modern amenities and facilities and is sprawled across a huge area offering great connectivity to make an event of this scale a huge success. 

Furthermore, contributing to the seamless execution of Beautech Expo, she adds, “To facilitate the participating companies, we have our logistics and fabrication team to assist our clients to meet
 their requirements.”

In conclusion, Beautech Expo 2024 emerged as a glittering affair, uniting beauty professionals, brands, and enthusiasts in a celebration of artistry and innovation.