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Hyderabad’s Ascendance in India’s Aerospace Startup Landscape - Blog

Hyderabad’s Ascendance in India’s Aerospace Startup Landscape

Hyderabad’s Ascendance in India’s Aerospace Startup Landscape

The historical and cultural city of Hyderabad has evolved into an innovation and technology hub lately, especially in the aerospace and defence sector. The city has evolved into an appropriate ecosystem consisting of aerospace parks, engineering hubs, and a favorable policy environment, thus attracting both major global players as well as young, homegrown start-ups. This piece explores the blossoming ecosystem of aerospace startups in Hyderabad, with an emphasis on the prominent drivers that are pushing the frontiers of aerospace technology forward in India.

The Indian aerospace and defence sector is on a growth trajectory; increased demand in the domestic market and global opportunities are the major contributors towards this. With its strategic location and conducive environment, Hyderabad is in the driver’s seat of this growth path. The city’s investment in defence modernization and its pro-aviation policies were the reasons for the aerospace industry’s progress.

As per the Industries & Commerce Department, Government of Telangana, India is listed among the top 3 aviation markets in the world (in terms of domestic tickets sold), with a high growth rate. Furthermore, the Government aims to allocate US$ 130 billion in investment for military modernization over the next 5 years, with the primary focus on making the country self-reliant in defence manufacturing and encouraging private sector participation.

Hyderabad’s Aerospace Ecosystem: Igniting Growth
Telangana, with Hyderabad as its central focus, has an advanced aerospace and defence ecosystem featuring top-rated infrastructure, a talent pool, and a friendly policy. The city boasts more than 25 large companies and over 1,000 MSMEs in the aerospace and defense sector, thus creating the perfect and conducive environment for innovation and networking.
The policy framework of Telangana, such as the single window system and custom policies for mega projects, has enabled the OEMs of the aerospace and defence sectors to comfortably establish and operate from the state. In addition, the presence of world-class skilled labor/manpower as well as special aerospace parks tend to make the City of Pearls a more attractive place for the aerospace industry.
Key Players Driving Innovation 

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Along with the plausible startups which are taking the Hyderabad aerospace sector to greater heights are Skyroot Aerospace Pvt Ltd, Dhruva Space Pvt Ltd, Azad Engineering Ltd, and Skanda Aerospace Technology Pvt Ltd (SATPL).

Skyroot Aerospace: Leading India’s Private Space Race
Spearheading India’s private space race, Skyroot Aerospace, with successful test-fires of its Vikram-1’s Kalam-250 second stage engine, aims for a maiden launch in 2024. Recent funding of US$ 27.5 million elevates its launch capabilities, positioning it for rapid expansion. Collaborations with global entities like Prométhée Earth Intelligence and Expleo underscore its growing influence. As the country’s Chandrayaan-3 mission ignites enthusiasm for the private space industry, the company eyes multiple launches, cementing Hyderabad’s status in aerospace.
Dhruva Space: Pioneering Space Technology
With the aim of emerging as a leader in India’s space technology niche, this company embarks on a journey to disrupt the world of solar panel manufacturing. Backed by the Technology Development Board, its ‘Space-Grade Solar Array Fabrication and Test Facility’ project aims to achieve efficiencies of up to 30 percent, propelling it to lead in the global space market. Recent Series A funding of INR 123 crore signals confidence in its capabilities, fostering expansions and global engagements.
Azad Engineering: Fortifying India’s Defence Industry
As a manufacturer of global aircraft engines and the energy sector’s intricate components, this startup also plays an important role in the aerospace & defence sector. Its recent collaboration with Rolls Royce consolidates its place in the international supply chain and represents a key milestone in the country’s aerospace and defense sectors’ growth. By emphasizing innovation and precision engineering, the competence of Azad Engineering allows Hyderabad to lead the way for advanced manufacturing in India’s aerospace industries and capabilities.
SATPL: Propelling Aerospace Innovation
A joint venture between Raghu Vamsi Machine Tools and Rave Gears LLC, Texas, SATPL inaugurated a cutting-edge gear and gearbox manufacturing unit in Hyderabad last year. The company engaged in high-precision CNC and aerospace gear manufacturing, operating prominently in the global aerospace engine and gear markets. The establishment complies with the growing needs of aerospace components, which leads to the acknowledgment of Hyderabad as an innovation hub in aerospace.
Expanding Horizons
In light of the fact that Hyderabad has solidified itself as an essential node in the sphere of the aerospace and defence sector, the possibilities for development and partnership are enormous. The Hyderabad International Machine Tool & Engineering Expo (HIMTEX), organized by HITEX, is an event that brings together industry players, shares ideas, and discovers new opportunities in machine tools, engineering, robotics, automation, and other allied sectors.
Over the years, Telangana and other neighboring states have seen a true and positive change in manufacturing capabilities due to HIMTEX which showcases advanced technologies, builds networks, promotes innovation, and supports small and medium enterprises.

In its 8th edition, the upcoming event is scheduled for August 16-19, 2024, at HITEX Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad. With the fast growth of the aerospace and defence sector in Hyderabad, HIMTEX will be the nucleus of a key advocate of economic and nation building forces.

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