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Embracing Technologies To Grow

Embracing Technologies To Grow

Dear Readers, 
Exhibitions and events play the crucial role of being one of the key enablers of the economy. With India being one of the fastest-growing economies, the need for events and exhibitions in the country has become all the more prominent. Notably, we have had an impressive rise of 79 positions regarding our ease of doing business ranking. In 2020, we secured the 63rd position out of 190 countries from the 142nd we occupied in 2014. This significant leap amounts to considerable economic development for which exhibitions have been leveraged as strategic business platforms to stimulate economic growth and attract investments. 
Here, it is important to underscore the significance of technologies that have aided in the evolution of the Event and Exhibition industry. The events have become more interactive and engaging which is proving beneficial to all the stakeholders involved. 
As we speak of technologies, virtual and hybrid events come first to mind. What was necessary during the COVID-19 phase, has now become an option of choice for event organizers looking for a way to reach a global audience in the most cost-effective manner. 
Event Management Software has ushered in a revolution in the industry by helping automate and consolidate all forms of event data. Event planners can now automate all aspects of the event planning process, such as registration, ticketing, marketing, and analytics. With real-time data on visitors’ preferences, they can make quick decisions to improve their experiences.
By providing a more engaging and interactive environment, Augmented and Virtual Reality enhance the attendee experience. They can scan QR codes with their mobile devices to access videos and games, and gain an immersive experience at events.  
Social media platforms and mobile apps have also proven themselves as essential tools for event promotion and communication.
The above-listed technologies are albeit only a few that have been game changers. The industry is inundated with many more that have not only made things easier and faster but have also contributed to providing commendable experiences to attendees and enhancing the repute of the Indian Exhibition industry.

Business Head
HITEX Exhibition Center

HITEX believes in being ahead of the game and has embraced all the tools and technologies needed to cement its position as a provider of a top-notch event space with world-class facilities for holding international events and showcasing to the world our well-earned progress. Cheers to that!