About Events

Whether it is social or corporate events or it is a B2C or a B2E event, there is no venue that would better suit your needs than HITEX. Our operations team make it viable for audiences of all sizes to comfortably enjoy the program. With top companies setting up their events here and the cream of the society conducting their social events here, we are noted as the go-to place for the prestige that is associated with this venue.

Corporate Events


From high-profile corporate events to social gatherings, HITEX offers a perfect stage for all your events. With a dedicated team of event experts and professionals, events of any kind are made simple and special.

Outdoor Venue:


The open grounds 1 and 2 are ideal for energizing events like concerts and huge social gatherings, weddings etc.

Indoor Venue:


The huge spacious and appealing indoor halls, with warm and welcoming ambience are perfect for big gala events, banquet dinners, huge social gatherings etc.

Fair Park:


The picturesque Fair Park is a special event venue, ideal for corporate gatherings, product launches and intimate meetings, which is beautifully landscaped to make your events memorable.