Flexible Contemporary Conference & Meeting Rooms

HITEX offers versatile conference halls and meeting rooms with best in class facilities in elegant surroundings, perfectly positioned for meetings, boardroom discussions, seminars, presentations, and lectures to large-scale international conferences. Exchange of ideas and streamlining your business would be much easier with us. Equipped with the latest multimedia presentation devices, audiovisual gadgets with broadcasting equipment and quality video support with other relevant conveniences.

Convention Center


Business meetings, boardroom meetings or International conferences - HITEX offers 6 conference halls to meet your varied requirements.

Conference Hall:

Convention Center in India

The largest of all, Conference Hall No.2 is acoustically treated and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which makes it perfect for International conferences.

Conference Rooms:

Convention Center in India

HITEX offers five mini AC conference halls, which offer flexible layouts of space and comfortable seating, ideal for boardroom meetings, business meetings etc.