Rights of HITEX :

a) HITEX shall reserve the right to change the halls in the event of unforeseen & unavoidable circumstances.

b) Hitex Shall reserve the right to cancel the booking in the event of non-compliance of payment terms / payment schedule, or in case of any other braech by the Organiser in the perfomance and observance of any of the convenants, terms and conditions herein contained in the LTC and on its part to be observed and performed. In the event of such a cancellation by HITEX due to beach of agreed terms by the Organiser, all the amounts paid by the Organiser shall be refunded by HITEX, without any interest, after deducting dues if any and/or Penalty under Surrender policy as per Clause 10 of this Venue Booking Form. No damages / compensation / loss of revenueof whatsoever in nature shall be payable by HITEX.